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Former shadow Minister praises world leading engineering firm

17th March 2015

The former shadow Minister joined local MP Sharon Hodgson on a site tour of Argos Inspection, which is celebrating their 30th anniversary and viewed the new extension that will assure Argos' position as industry leaders for the foreseeable future.

John Denham MP said: �We need to see more businesses, growing businesses and more people working in businesses. I was pleased to see this happening at Argos Inspection. The visit was an excellent insight into this niche technology-driven industry and opportunity to see how Peter has built up his business over the last 30 years, from a portacabin, to becoming a leading company in Europe and the world in what they do. He outlined his commitment and vision for his company, and the importance of investing in facilities and in the people that work for his business on a day to day basis.�

Managing Director of Argos Inspection, Peter Bauckham said: "It was a great pleasure to have received a visit to our new extended and refurbished laboratory from John Denham and our local MP.

�It was a delight to show John, who has a background in a laboratory environment, around our new facility. His genuine interest in our services and our young apprentice scheme was very well received. Our new facility�is the most crucial factor for the company�s future success. Through extending it, we can bolster our current client base and offer unequalled NDT services to new potential clients"

Argos Inspection specialise in non-destructive testing (NDT), using x-rays, gamma rays and digital imaging to look for defects in parts from mainly the offshore, Ministry of Defence, oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, nuclear and power sectors. The products they have tested range from huge cryogenic tanks to the smallest of dental implants. The company once was sent dinosaur bones for inspection.

The newly built exposure bay at Argos Inspection, with four metre high, one metre thick, high density concrete walls and roof also includes state-of-the-art automated lead doors, a loading crane, handling equipment and the latest x-ray technology.

Sharon Hodgson MP said: �I was delighted to visit Argos Inspection. The fact that we have a world-leading company based in my constituency is great, but not at all surprising. We know that North East companies are innovative, hard-working and often at the forefront of their industry; Argos is no exception. I congratulate Peter and all his staff on their 30th anniversary and I look forward to hearing about their continued success in future.�

Argos Inspection continue to be at the forefront of technological advances, their newest venture is pioneering the use of Non-Contact Magnetic Tomography that enables the survey of pipelines, underground or submerged, to see if they have abnormalities or defects while the pipelines remain working under normal conditions and, crucially, without the need digging numerous holes in the ground.


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